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Alex Birkett, founder of Omniscient

Growth Memo is among the very few newsletters that I never miss. The signal-to-noise ratio in the SEO world is often not great, but Kevin's insights are always deeply thought out and useful.

Tom Critchlow, the SEO MBA

Growth Memo is like Stratechery for marketing. An insightful mix of marketing, strategy, seo and content. It's one of the only emails about content and SEO I subscribe to. Essential

Alejandro Angel, CRO at Composely

There are so many newsletters out there, but the only two I follow consistently in the digital marketing/lead gen growth world are yours and Marketer Milk.

Glenn Murray

There's so much crap out here in social media land. After a few years away from it, I've been shocked at how few good articles and updates there are. Almost nothing worth sharing. Then, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is your content!

Tom Winter, founder of SEO Wind

Yur posts have been top-notch. I'm sure it's giving a lot of people good food for thought!

Jerry from Web Revenue

It’s amazing how you can dish out valuable content like this week after week.

Jenny Romanchuk:

I can say openly that your newsletter is the best one in the SEO world.

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Why Organic Growth: Modern Growth teams working on SEO don’t just look at the channel in isolation. They also work on converting organic traffic and leveraging the product for Growth. These areas are so strongly related and overlap in workstreams at hypergrowth startups that I think the term Organic Growth describes it better.

Core topics

In the Growth Memo, I write about a series of recurring topics:

Organic Growth: applying first principles to a modern understanding of SEO and overcoming fundamental problems.

Aggregators vs. Integrators: companies of different types have different Growth levers available to them based on who creates the content for their site.

Search results: the impact of SERP Feature changes on Blue Links.

User Intent: how users find what they’re really searching for and how companies can reverse engineer intent.

Internal linking: How to optimize a site’s internal link graph.

Short Bio

I’m Kevin Indig, author of the Growth Memo.

I’ve spent 10 years as operator and leader at fast-growing companies like Shopify, G2 and Atlassian.

Since mid-2022, I have been an independent advisor to hypergrowth startups like Ramp, Bounce, Snapchat, and Nextdoor.

I’m an angel investor and international speaker.

More about me:

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Growth advisor. Writer of the Growth Memo. Host of the Contrarian Marketing podcast.